are you the one?
the one who i´ve been waiting for
the one who is going to take me away
please, do so if you are
take me to a place where freedom wells
a place where dreams wait in the land marked joy
take me to my bliss... 

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Come to me
I´ll sing an endless song
Please tell me Redder than
           red the trust love

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To forget the tribulationsof day
And to stay in this dream of night
Where I can be thinking of you
So take me to a true Elsewhere. 

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To be your happiness...

... take me

to a true Elsewhere

deliver me

a promise land where fairies wait

with rooms just enough for two

take me to my bliss 

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Sing a song

    Let your voice be free

Because we both know

    You can never have me

        let me be free

   to write the song of my life.

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I want happiness

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... nie begegnen

Wenn du ein vierblättriges
Kleeblatt findest,
bringt es Glück.
Aber bewahre das
Wo du das vierblättrige
gefunden hast
Oder wieviele Blätter es hat.
Das vierblättrige Kleeblatt.
Ich möchte dich so gern glücklich machen,
aber ich werde dir nie begegnen. 

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